Don’t Repair Your Credit… REVITALIZE IT!


Our Difference

Traditional credit repair is dead… its old fashioned, out dated, low tech and ineffective. In fact, it just doesn’t work anymore because the credit bureaus got smart and are now up to date on their reporting making it increasingly difficult to scrub negative items. So, this is just not a road you want to go down because the only thing that will happen is you’ll lose your money.

We Have The Solution


We have developed a new, better, updated and high-tech method that has been proven to scrub even the worst credit report clean in as little as a matter of weeks. Past late payments gone… bankruptcies gone… repos gone…. judgments gone!

We then have the ability to enhance your credit with our RevitaLines, to get your credit score to as high as a 750-800+ giving you the financial ability to do virtually anything you like… and get the special treatment too!

We have the ability to achieve all of this for you, and more, with our own revolutionary and proprietary method called Credit Revitalize™ and it really works. In addition, we don’t rely on any third parties to produce results for you which allows us to keep our prices lower than almost any in the industry. In fact, we have virtually zero competition as we know that nobody else in the industry is doing exactly what we are doing… because we created it. In 98% of our cases we will attempt to remove ALL negative items at once from our client’s credit report. Traditional credit repair in almost all cases will only work on 2 or 3 negative items per month and has an average industry success rate of less than 20%!


You see, what usually happens is the credit repair company will keep charging you their monthly fee to keep sending the same lame dispute letters to the same creditors over and over again hoping that they will mess up and not respond in the allowed 30 day time frame… and they will do this until you decide to give up and not pay anymore. Then the game is over and you have lost because just one negative item remaining on your credit report can affect your ability to get a credit card and skyrocket your interest rate on a car loan or mortgage. This will end up costing you thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars over the duration of your loan. You really can’t afford to NOT have EXCELLENT credit can you?

Our Step-By-Step Process


Online enrollment takes just a few minutes and then we are ready to begin!

After enrollment one of our credit specialists will perform a full file review on your credit and begin to prepare a custom fit solution for your needs.

Be on the lookout for our welcome email. It will outline everything needed and the participation requirements in order to ensure the quickest results.

Immediately send us back your ID documents, sign the online agreement and we will begin revitalizing your credit right away.

Sit back and relax! We got this and we will be updating you every 30-45 days with your positive results, viewable 24/7 in your own client back office.

Our Story


Our Story

After being scammed multiple times in the industry and losing over $85,000 in fees for personal credit services and corporate credit funding services that were never rendered, our Founder and CEO, Justin Kaiser, set out on a mission…That mission was to perfect a credit restoration method and become the leader in the industry as far as integrity, communication, efficiency, performance, and last but certainly not least… customer service as it is our passion to get you the same results that have worked so well for him.

Because today, and because of Credit Revitalize™ methods and results, even our Founder and CEO enjoys the benefits that come along with excellent credit and Credit Revitalize™ has helped many clients achieve the same.

Our Leadership

Justin Car  Justin Kaiser – Founder and CEO: Justin has been a successful business owner for the last 13 years. Justin started in the network marketing world at the young age of 18 and retired from corporate America 6 months later. By his early 20s Justin was one of the most successful and youngest record-breaking network marketers in the industry, breaking records in both team growth and volume, with thousands of distributors on his team in multiple companies. In 2006 he became a real estate investor and earned over $300,000 his first month while specializing in residential retail and bulk wholesale REO packages in the hundreds of millions of dollars to hundreds of billions of dollars range. But, like many others he felt the hard hitting effect of the economy collapse of 2008 and needless to say, his credit, like many others went down the drain. He then spent 5 long years and tens of thousands of dollars on credit repair only to experience lackluster results, which is why he came up with the idea for Credit Revitalize™. Justin also owns Elevated Funding (, a personal and business funding firm, Eagle Mountain Capital (, an international investment firm exclusively trading currency, and Offshore Harbor (, an international asset protection company. Justin’s hobbies include, traveling, billiards, physical fitness, organic dieting and nutrition, meditation, and success.

GaryPic  Gary Hartshorn – President: Gary is a former owner of a mortgage company in Phoenix, Arizona and of course has extensive knowledge about credit and the real estate space. Gary later went on to become a commercial real estate and land investor. Starting in Colorado, Gary will be focusing on business development and building relationships with mortgage brokers, bankruptcy attorneys, tax professionals and CPAs.

Gary is a highly motivated people person who loves the challenge and the thrill of a big sale. An outgoing and very likeable personality like Gary’s is essential for our corporate expansion.

  LukePic2Luke Dreyer – COO: Luke is a multi-talented and intuitive internet marketing specialist and this gives him the edge when working on technically challenging projects that we are involved in. His background is in sales, marketing, internet businesses, programming, and high-tech internet marketing such as email campaigns and display ads. Luke is currently an owner of Blue Crush Marketing Group (, a publicly traded company on the OTC. Luke has also owned and operated business models such as Streamline Marketing, a model based on marketing to college’s around the country, to Spotlauncher a DRTV and radio advertising company.

Luke is always learning more and highly motivated to be “out front” on internet advertising and creating new concepts. Because the Internet is evolving and growing on an almost daily basis, someone like Luke is imperative to the success of our company.

Placeholder ImageGreg Remsen - Vice President of Marketing: Greg is a seasoned financial services executive having worked in the investment and portfolio management industry since 2003. Greg founded Remken Financial Corporation, an investment and portfolio management firm in Orange, California that sourced capitol market investors and partnered them with existing portfolio managers. In addition, the firm validated international investment paper before taking them to existing pension fund buyers. Previously, Greg was the account portfolio manager at Steinberg & Harris, LLC, in Newport Beach, California, where here he grew investor portfolios from inception to levels exceeding $25 million. While there, his efforts lead to increased client acquisitions by 13% and an increase of investor wealth to over $270 million.
 In Greg’s spare time, he enjoys spending time on the beach, traveling, lifting weights and building business relationships.

Getting Results Is Key… EVERYTHING ELSE IS TALK!


We get results

We get results and we can get them for you FAST! Why wait another day when Credit Revitalize™ has the system, the method, and the success rate to literally change your life?… We urge you to get started now and contact us today so that we can help you!

What are you waiting for?

Why wait another day when Credit Revitalize™ has the system, the method, and the success rate to literally change your life?… We urge you to get started now by getting in touch with the affiliate that referred you to Credit Revitalize™ as they will supply you with a unique URL/Link to use in order to start your credit revitalization process! If you know their affiliate ID you may simply paste the following link into your browser and then add their Affiliate ID after the “=”: