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The average deletions our clients see within their first month of service. That’s 3X the industry average.

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""We had 4 months to purchase our house or we were going to lose it. In the last 4 months my credit score went from a 584 to a 754. Not only did they help us tremendously, but they saved our home. Thanks to Credit Revitalize we were able to purchase our home at 2.99%. I’ve even gotten letters saying I’m not financially responsible for this debt anymore and the phone calls have stopped. It’s been truly incredible and I’m forever indebted to these guys."

- Mike M. - Ecstatic Client

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After enrollment a Credit Prowess will perform a full file review on your credit and begin the revitalization process.

Be on the lookout for mail directly from the credit bureaus and creditors. You should be getting mail in 2-3 weeks.

Immediately send us back the mail you receive so that we may plan our next level of attack.

Sit back and relax! We got this and we will be updating you every 30 days with your positive results. This is transparency at its best and viewable 24/7 in your own client portal.

Our Results

Talk is cheap and most are only talking. . . we’re DOING!

We’re extremely proud of this number because it is the best results in the industry. A 15 month analysis showed that on average clients have 3X the number of negative items deleted in the very first month than the our largest competitors! But we don't stop there. Every client is different and for many we have been able to delete 100% of their negative items.

Traditional credit repair is dead. . . its old fashioned, out dated, low tech and ineffective. In fact, it just doesn’t work anymore because over 80% of the time, the creditors are able to verify your negative items making it increasingly difficult to scrub negative items.

We have developed a new, better, updated and high-tech method that has been proven to scrub even the worst credit report clean in as little as a matter of weeks. Past late payments gone… bankruptcies gone… repos gone… judgments gone!

We have the ability to achieve all of this for you, and more, with Credit Revitalize. It’s evolutionary, proprietary, and efficient. In addition, we don’t rely on any third parties to produce results for you. In fact, we have virtually zero competition as we know that nobody else in the industry is doing exactly what we are doing. . .   because we created it. In 98% of our cases we will attempt to remove ALL negative items at once from our client’s credit report. Traditional credit repair in almost all cases will only work on 3-5 negative items per month and has an average industry success rate of less than 20%!

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"All I can say is wow! Thank you for everything! My credit was destroyed after the real estate meltdown in 2008. I had foreclosures, judgments galore and tons of collections. After removing 76 negative items from my credit I can now restart my life."

- Eric J. - Mind Blown Client

Results. . . all that matters

We get asked all the time if we can delete bankruptcies, tax liens, auto repossessions, student loans, medical collections, child support, etc. The answer is yes. . . We have unique success stories and examples of deleting every possible type of negative item that there is, including $1.6 in Federal Tax Liens! Why wait another day when Credit Revitalize has the system, the method, and the success rate to literally change your life? We urge you to get started now and contact us today so that we can help you!

Mike M. – Denver, CO

Federal Tax Lien, Judgment, and Collections deleted

We saved Mike’s house! Mike and his family were doing a lease option and had lived in their house for 4 years. The owner told Mike he had 4 months to get his credit on track and buy it or he was going to sell it to someone else. Mike had tried credit repair before us with horrible results. Less than 4 months of working with us we had removed everything negative from his credit and even after we completed his revitalization and he bought his house, his scores have continued to climb and he is now over an 800! Look for Mike’s video testimonial on our home page! The scores Mike was talking about in his video are slightly different than ours on record as he was using a different monitoring service than we use.

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